Calf Accessories

Bomatak mineralised drenchWhen it comes to rearing calves, as well as milk powder and calf meal and pellets, we stock a range of rural supplies to help you rear happy, healthy, well grown calves, and maintain your other livestock - and keep them all safely contained on your farm or lifestyle block.

From drench to first aid and wound care, from mineral/salt blocks, feed supplements, disinfectants and feed bins, right down to the gumboots on your feet - we can supply what you need!

Supplies for all calf club and ag day pets

For calf club calves, lambs and goats, we have a range of calf halters and leads, covers and brushes, and lamb or kid goat teats, collars and leads, so your little champ will look his or her best on the big day. (And for the ag day chickens we have feeders and water fonts as well as Chick Starter crumbles.)

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