Milk Powder

If you're rearing calves without the help of a nurse cow you'll need a good quality calf milk powder for them after they've had their start on colostrum. This is suitable for calves from 4 days old until they're weaned. We stock milk powder during calf season.

Perfect for calf club calves as well - don't forget we can also supply other calf club equipment such as halters and leads, covers, buckets, brushes and shampoos.

We also have lamb milk powder for your orphaned and calf club lambs, which is available in various bag sizes, and may have colostrum replacement powder in stock.


Bay Blenders
  • Calf Milk Powder with a free-flow agent included for easy lump-free mixing. A blend of natural milk powders with vitamins and minerals, suitable for 4 day olds through to weaning
  • Lamb Milk Powder includes quality raw materials to grow and fatten lambs and kid goats (and other animals!)

calf milk powder and lamb milk powder