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Chicken water fonts and poultry feeders

If you're looking for poultry feed, you've come to the right place - we stock pellets, meals and mash for hens and pullets, as well as starter crumbles specifically for young chickens. And we sell whole and crushed grains.

As well as chicken food, we stock poultry feeders and water fonts, and shell grit by the kilo.

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Takanini Feeds
  • Chook Chow - a complete feed in meal form for laying hens and pullets,Layer Pellets - Takanini Feeds chicken food which contains a variety of ingredients including maize, wheat and barley, and oyster grit for shell strength. Please see the data sheet below for further info.

  • Layer Pellets - a pelleted chicken food made from a selection of grains, meals, fibre, vitamins and minerals to keep your hens happy and their egg shells strong.

  • Kibbled and Whole Maize is available in various sized bags.

  • Wheat is also available bagged in a variety of sizes.

  • Chick Starter Crumbles - a balanced feed for chicNRM Peck n Lay chicken foodkens from one day up to around 8 weeks old (for chicks only), it is designed to assist early bone, frame and feather development. Click here to see the manufacturer's specification.

  • Meatbird Crumble - a high protein, balanced feed designed to promote rapid weight gain in meat birds. Click here to read information from the manufacturer.

  • Pullet Grower - designed for young growing chickens who are ready to move on from Chick Starter Crumbles, but still require slightly higher protein and energy levels in their feed than laying hens do. Click here to visit the manufacturer's website.

  • Peck 'n' Lay Pellets - suitable for all 'backyard' laying hens, made from specially selected ingredients to provide a balanced diet. Click here to see the manufacturer's specification.

  • Peck 'n' Lay Mash - a nutritionally balanced feed specifically formulated to meet the requirements of all backyard laying hens. Click here to read the manufacturer's specification.

Chook Chow Data Sheet

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