Feed for goatsIf you need supplementary stock feed for your goats, perhaps during times of reduced pasture and roughage availability such as drought or winter, and for pregnant or lactating does, we can help!
Goat feed in the form of pellets or nuts is ideal, as goats have successfully adapted (with a narrow muzzle and split upper lip) to be extremely selective feeders and are able to sift through ingredients to take only those they like, causing not only wastage, but potentially giving them a nutritionally unbalanced diet. 


Takanini Feeds
  • Economy Pellets for ruminants are an ideal stock feed to supplement hay during peak summer or winter seasons when the availability or quality of forage for goats is reduced. Please click here to read the data sheet for more information and feeding recommendations from the manufacturer.
  • Multifeed is a versatile feed (also suitable for sheep, deer and beef cattle) to feed in conjunction with pasture to help improve the condition and productivity of your goats. For the manufacturer's specification, click here.