Bird Seed

Topflite bird seedWe carry a large range of Topflite bird seed - high quality and based on New Zealand grown ingredients, processed and mixed near Oamaru.

We stock the following types of bird seed mixes....

  • Aviary mix
  • Budgie seed
  • Canary mix (or plain)
  • Cockatiel mix
  • Finch mix
  • Parrot mix
  • Dove mix
  • Pigeon mix
  • Wild Bird mix

We also stock Single seed varieties (eg Sunflower), and Lorikeet mix - both wet and dry varieties.

...and we can order in other products from the Topflite range.

Other bird food includes seed bells and cones, millet sprays, cuttlefish, pigeon peas and sunflower seeds. We also stock the Topflite Wild Bird Energy Food range, which is available in a variety of different styles and flavours, and makes it really easy to keep the wild birds in your backyard happy, especially during winter. The Coconut Feeders are particularly popular, and are re-usable. Click here to visit Topflite's website.

If you need further info, please don't hesitate to phone us or click here to email us!

Topflite bird seed