Cat Food

Purely Pets cat foodWith almost 50% of New Zealand households including at least one cat, there are a lot of hungry (and frequently fussy!) felines out there waiting to be fed, which is why our pet supplies include a range of tasty and nutritious cat food to help satisfy your feline friends at any life stage.

When it comes to your cat's flea and worming treatment, we have products to help take care of this too - just have a look on our Pet Care page.

If you need further information, please don't hesitate to phone us or click here to email us! 


  • Acres Premium Chicken complete cat food is a dry biscuit containing salmon oil, and brewer's yeast - known for its natural flea repellent properties. Nutro Natural Choice cat food
  • Nutro Natural Choice cat food is a premium brand available in varieties to suit each life stage of your cat. Made with the best quality ingredients available, it's free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives; chicken by-products, corn, and filler grains - and Nutro promises your cat will love it! Click here to visit Nutro's website.
  • Purely Pets frozen raw pet food is free flow frozen into convenient-to-handle and feed patties (and chicken necks) which just need to be thawed overnight before feeding. Available from our Drury and Karaka shops only, Purely Pets ensures your cat achieves optimum health and vitality, while eating the ideal food that nature intended. Click here to visit the Purely Pets website and see the full range of products.
  • Whiskas is a complete and balanced cat food that contains essential vitamins and minerals for your cat. We stock both dry food and pouches, in a variety of flavours to tempt your feline friends. Please click here for more information from the Whiskas website. 

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