Rabbit Food

Rabbit foodOur supply of rabbit food is suitable for both commercially farmed rabbits and pet bunnies.

Wood shavings, which can make a useful bedding or litter layer, are available by the bale.

You might just find some Topflite rabbit treats in stock as well!

Chinchilla Mix from Topflite is also available. 


  • Takanini Feeds rabbit and guinea pig mix contains a delicious combination of ingredients that can include (depending on what's available at the time!) sunflower seeds, kibbled maize, wheat, barley and chaff as well as rabbit pellets, and is suitable to be fed alongside hay or straw (necessary to provide essential fibre to rabbits) and fresh leafy greens.
  • Country Harvest rabbit pellets are a suitable rabbit feed for both pet and commercially farmed rabbits. They are formulated around a lucerne meal base to provide the essential fibre and protein that rabbits need, as well as a balance of nutrients. Available in 10kg or 25kg bags, they are ideal to feed in conjunction with hay or straw and fresh leafy greens.

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