We stock a large range of Dunstan horse feeds and supplements, which can cover the nutritional needs of any horse or pony, whether they are spelling, pony clubbing, showing, hunting, racing or performing at elite levels. Click on the feed below to find out more from the manufacturer.

A sample of the Dunstan horse feeds we may have in stock includes:

  • All-4-Feet – specially formulated for all horses at risk of inflammatory conditions, including laminitis
  • Betabeet – a quick soaking energy supplement, high in digestible fibre, providing slower release energy without a ‘heating’ effect
  • Breed & Grow – fibre based protein and energy supplement for broodmares, weanlings and yearlings – to balance pasture
  • Coolfeed – provides both energy and fibre in a palatable, easily digestible formulation – to be fed in conjunction with hay, chaff or pasture
  • Eezymix – a complete feed which is based on steam-extruded cereal and protein
  • Extruded Barley – whole grain barley, finely ground and rapidly cooked using Dunstan’s extrusion process, ideal for putting condition on horses
  • Extruded Rice – easily digested for non-heating energy, 100% rice based – and includes rice bran oil
  • Maxim Low-GI – provides cool fuel, from quality fat and fibre ingredients – for optimum health and performance of working horses
  • Multi-Ultra – a full vitamin and mineral supplement for horses
  • Muscle ‘n Shine – high fat, high protein supplement ideal for sale or show preparation, or for horses struggling to maintain body condition
  • Old Horse – meets the unique nutritional requirements of old horses
  • Sporthorse – formulated to meet the high nutritional requirements of sport horses (eg hunters, eventers, endurance) during intense work and competition
  • Sugarbeet – a molassed energy supplement flake from a highly digestible fibre source suitable for racing, hunting, eventing, endurance, showjumping, dressage, hacking, pony club and older horses