Fiber Fresh Feeds

We stock a variety of Fiber Fresh products. They are specially developed, highly controlled fermented forage feeds, and are made in New Zealand. Click on the feed to view the manufacturer’s specification.

Available from Fiber Fresh Feeds:

  • FiberEzy – Health & Digestion. Includes Timothy grass to provide a consistently higher level of dietary fibre. FiberEzy provides cool energy for calm and steady performance.
  • FiberMix – Health & Performance. Provides higher energy than FiberEzy and FiberProtect, making it suitable for race and sport horses. Blends lucerne with freshly harvested whole oat crop that has undergone Controlled Fermentation.
  • FiberProtect – Health & Protection. A moderate energy feed compared to FiberEzy and FiberMix, FiberProtect promotes top-line condition while maintaining optimum gastric health.

For further information, visit the Fiber Fresh website.