Horse Health Supplements

We have a large range of horse nutrition and health supplements, including (but certainly not limited to!) a range of oils such as linseed, soya and corn, salt licks, calming additives and hoof health supplements. Also among the equestrian supplies we stock are horse wormers, first aid supplies and wound care items.

Within our range of horse supplies, we also carry a variety of grooming equipment (from body brushes to bot knives); and head collars, lead ropes, hay nets, saddlery/leather care, and re-waterproofing products for covers.

Shampoo, fly repellent, rakes and buckets are all available – and gumboots for you round out the range! As each shop may have a slightly different range of products available, please check with us first if you’re making a special trip in for a specific item!

Keep an eye on our blog page to see information on updates, and new products in stock. If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to phone or click here to email us.