The Mitavite range of horse feed we stock includes a feed for the nutritional requirements of any horse, whether kept for breeding, leisure or sport through to racing, as well as taking care of your aging or retired horses.

The selection of Mitavite feeds we stock includes those below. Click on the product name to view the manufacturer’s specification.

  • Breeda – promotes optimum, balanced growth for weanlings to young horses, and perfect for pregnant and lactating mares
  • Economix Active – suitable for competition, show and pleasure horses and ponies, stock horses and those that are spelling
  • Gumnuts – especially formulated for aged horses and ponies, highly nutritious and palatable, reduces to a mash when mixed with water
  • Munga – a grain free muesli, ideal for horses needing more topline and muscle, and those that can’t tolerate high grain feeds
  • Xtra Cool – a balanced formulation for horses and ponies in light to medium work not needing, or unable to tolerate, a high energy feed