NRM supplies a large range of nutritionally balanced horse feeds, to cover a variety of activity levels and energy requirements that your horse may have, from pasture supplementation, breeding and young stock, to ‘cool’ energy, and through to high energy racehorse or sport horse needs.

The selection of NRM horse feed we stock includes those listed below – click on the product name to see the manufacturer’s specification

  • Assett – balanced, palatable and nutritious, this is a feed designed to obtain optimum growth and top condition in young horses
  • Coolade – a high fibre, low energy complete feed, ideal for horses who are spelling, in light work or who tend to ‘heat’ up
  • Equine Balancer – concentrated vitamin and mineral pellets ideal for good ‘doers’, spelling and young horses, or those on diets where owners prefer to add their own grains
  • Evolve – encourages sound skeletal development in young growing horses, also an ideal energy source for pregnant and lactating mares
  • Horse & Pony Pellets – a low energy multi-purpose feed ideal for horses and ponies in light to medium work, or as a pasture supplement
  • Low GI Sport – a ‘cool’ feed that does not compromise energy requirements, suitable for all sport and leisure horses