Other Brands

We stock horse feed from other manufacturers as well, including Maxisoy+ and NutriRice Versatile. The availability of these feeds can vary between our stores so please feel free to contact us first if you’re looking for a specific feed.

  • Equisoy pelleted soy bean hulls is a high fibre, low GI quick-soaking source of quality protein.
  • McMillan Rapid Gain is a highly digestible conditioning feed for all horses – click here to read the manufacturer’s specification.
  • NutriRice Versatile, a rice and rice-bran based formulation, is a low GI, extremely cool feed which is high in fat and digestible fibre, designed to release calm, sustained energy without fizzy behaviour. Biotin is included in the feed to encourage healthy, strong hooves. Find out more from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.
  • NutriRice Veteran is a cool feed designed for horses and ponies aged 15 or older, retired or working. It’s a steam extruded, easy-to-chew, highly digestible pellet, and is high in antioxidants to support overall good health. Read the manufacturer’s specification here.
  • Bran and Pollard may be in store seasonally, in 20kg bags.