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Dog Food

We stock a wide range of pet food, which is likely to include the type of dog food you’re looking for – dry, dog roll or frozen raw. We’ll have a dog food to keep both your working dogs and family pets in top condition, whatever stage of life they’re at – from puppy to retiree and everything in between. You can pick up your best friend’s treats and chews such as pig ears, liver strips and moo shoes in store too!

Don’t forget about your dog’s flea and worming treatments – we have pet supplies to take care of this too – just have a look on our Pet Care page.

Brands We Stock

Acres Complete Dog Food is a high quality, complete dry food – without the fancy packaging, available in a range of sizes to suit your budget and storage space. Click here to visit the Acres website for further information including a feeding guide for puppies through to adults. Also available (in a 12kg bag only) – a complete and balanced Grain Free variety which contains 50% salmon and trout, and no artificial colours or preservatives.

Chunky dog rolls are a complete and balanced diet, available in several varieties including Herb, Lamb & Rice, and Chicken. Further information and recommended feeding guides from the manufacturer are available here. We also stock Possyum dog rolls – click here for more information.

CopRice complete and balanced dry dog food is available in a range of varieties: Family Dog – for adult dogs of any breed; Working Dog – for active working or sporting dogs; Puppy – formulated for puppies up to a year old; and Light & Mature, for the senior or overweight dog. For further information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Nutro Natural Choice dog food is a premium brand containing no chicken by-products, corn, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or filler grains. It is available in varieties to suit all life stages – and there are grain free options. Click here to find more info on Nutro’s website.

Pedigree dry dog food, available in a range of life stage varieties from puppy to mature, is complete and balanced to provide your dog with the five food groups in every meal. For full information, go to the Pedigree website here.

Purely Pets frozen raw pet food – contains NO preservatives, NO colourings and NO grains. It’s available at our Drury and Karaka shops only, and includes K9 Sausages, Beef & Lamb Patties, Chicken Medallions and Veal Bones – all packed in conveniently sized, free flow frozen portions – just take your dog’s daily allowance out of the freezer the night before! Click here to visit the Purely Pets website.

Scotties Full Feed dog biscuits have a high energy content making them an excellent food for working dogs. All your dog needs – at a sensible price!

Cat Food

With almost 50% of New Zealand households including at least one cat, there are a lot of hungry (and frequently fussy!) felines out there waiting to be fed, which is why our pet supplies include a range of tasty and nutritious cat food to help satisfy your feline friends at any life stage.

When it comes to your cat’s flea and worming treatment, we have products to help take care of this too – just have a look on our Pet Care page.

Brands We Stock

Acres Premium Chicken complete cat food is a dry biscuit containing salmon oil, and brewer’s yeast – known for its natural flea repellent properties. Find out more here.

Nutro Natural Choice cat food is a premium brand available in varieties to suit each life stage of your cat. Made with the best quality ingredients available, it’s free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives; chicken by-products, corn, and filler grains – and Nutro promises your cat will love it! Click here to visit Nutro’s website.

Purely Pets frozen raw pet food is free flow frozen into convenient-to-handle and feed patties (and chicken necks) which just need to be thawed overnight before feeding. Available from our Drury and Karaka shops only, Purely Pets ensures your cat achieves optimum health and vitality, while eating the ideal food that nature intended. Click here to visit the Purely Pets website and see the full range of products.

Whiskas is a complete and balanced cat food that contains essential vitamins and minerals for your cat. We stock both dry food and pouches, in a variety of flavours to tempt your feline friends. Please click here for more information from the Whiskas website.

Rabbit Food

Our supply of rabbit food is suitable for both commercially farmed rabbits and pet bunnies. Wood shavings, which can make a useful bedding or litter layer, are available by the bale. You might just find some Topflite rabbit treats in stock as well! Chinchilla Mix from Topflite is also available.

Brands We Stock

Takanini Feeds rabbit and guinea pig mix contains a delicious combination of ingredients that can include (depending on what’s available at the time!) sunflower seeds, kibbled maize, wheat, barley and chaff as well as rabbit pellets, and is suitable to be fed alongside hay or straw (necessary to provide essential fibre to rabbits) and fresh leafy greens.

Country Harvest rabbit pellets are a suitable rabbit feed for both pet and commercially farmed rabbits. They are formulated around a lucerne meal base to provide the essential fibre and protein that rabbits need, as well as a balance of nutrients. Available in 10kg or 25kg bags, they are ideal to feed in conjunction with hay or straw and fresh leafy greens.

Bird Seed

We carry a large range of Topflite bird seed – high quality and based on New Zealand grown ingredients, processed and mixed near Oamaru.

We Stock The Following Types of Bird Mixes

  • Aviary mix
  • Budgie seed
  • Canary mix (or plain)
  • Cockatiel mix
  • Finch mix
  • Parrot mix
  • Dove mix
  • Pigeon mix
  • Wild Bird mix

We also stock Single seed varieties (eg Sunflower), and Lorikeet mix – both wet and dry varieties

…and we can order in other products from the Topflite range.

Other bird food includes seed bells and cones, millet sprays, cuttlefish, pigeon peas and sunflower seeds. We also stock the Topflite Wild Bird Energy Food range, which is available in a variety of different styles and flavours, and makes it really easy to keep the wild birds in your backyard happy, especially during winter. The Coconut Feeders are particularly popular, and are re-usable. Click here to visit Topflite’s website.

Pet Care

As well as pet food, we carry a range of other pet supplies to help keep your furry friends healthy, comfortable and in tip top condition! This includes parasite control, first aid items such as bandages and wound powder (even entire first aid kits!), as well as health supplements, for example joint health support. You’ll also find shampoos and washes suitable for dogs, and we have diatomaceous earth to deal to poultry mites, among other things.

Brands We Stock

A selection of our stock includes: New Zealand made Pet Express collars and leads (for lambs as well!), and dog coats; and Flevox flea control for cats and dogs. You can also purchase Drontal cat and dog wormers in store. We sell Kritter Litter and bales of shavings for your small pets, as well as (from our Drury store) TopFlite Chinchilla mix, a range of fish food, reptile food, dog beds, some toys, and items for your pet birds. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, just ask us – we’ll see what we can do!

Don’t forget to pick up a pig ear or some turkey chews from the range of chewy dried meat (and bone) treats we have to keep your dog occupied – you’ll also find One Podgy Dog’s gourmet bikkies and naturals range in store! If you need more help or information, please don’t hesitate to phone us or click here to email us!

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