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Chicken Feed

If you’re looking for poultry feed, you’ve come to the right place – we stock pellets, meals and mash for hens and pullets, as well as starter crumbles specifically for young chickens. And we sell whole and crushed grains. As well as chicken food, we stock poultry feeders and water fonts, and shell grit by the kilo.

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Brands We Stock

Takanini Feeds

Chook Chow

Complete feed in meal form for laying hens and pullets which contains a variety of ingredients including maize, wheat and barley, and oyster grit for shell strength.

More Chook Chow Information
Read Chook Chow Product Sheet

Layer Pellets

Pelleted chicken food made from a selection of grains, meals, fibre, vitamins and minerals to keep your hens happy and their egg shells strong.

Read the data sheet on the manufacturer’s website.

Kibbled & Whole Maize

Available in various sized bags.


Available bagged in a variety of sizes.


Chick Starter Crumbles

A balanced feed for chicks from one day up to around 8 weeks old (for chicks only). It is designed to assist early bone, frame and feather development.

Click here to see the manufacturer’s specification.

Meatbird Crumble

A high protein, balanced feed designed to promote rapid weight gain in meat birds.

Click here to read information from the manufacturer.

Pullet Grower

Designed for young growing chickens who are ready to move on from Chick Starter Crumbles, but still require slightly higher protein and energy levels in their feed than laying hens do.

Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website.

Peck 'n' Lay Pellets

Suitable for all ‘backyard’ laying hens, made from specially selected ingredients to provide a balanced diet.

Click here to see the manufacturer’s specification.

Peck 'n' Lay Mash

A nutritionally balanced feed specifically formulated to meet the requirements of all backyard laying hens.

Click here to read the manufacturer’s specification.

Chook Chow

Chook Chow chicken feed, made by Takanini Feeds, is a hugely popular complete chicken food, designed to meet the nutritional needs of laying hens and pullets.

A wholesome mix of whole and crushed grains including maize, barley and wheat (all New Zealand grown!), with added soya meal for extra protein, plus vitamins and minerals in the form of an irresistible meal – and completely vegetarian – Chook Chow also contains oven dried oyster grit to enhance egg shell strength, making it not only a delicious meal for your chooks, but truly a complete chicken feed!

For further information, please click here to read the Chook Chow data sheet.

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Duck Feed

Need to feed ducks? Whether you’re feeding game birds or rearing orphaned ducklings, we have food for ducks.

Brands We Stock

Takanini Feeds

Maize and wheat in various sized bags


Meatbird Crumble provides a balanced diet, with a high protein content to promote rapid weight gain. Perfect for other non-laying poultry as well as ducks, from day old.

See the manufacturer’s specifications.


Lucky Duck is a nutritious blend of seeds and grains, suitable for both wild and backyard ducks.

Visit the manufacturer’s website.

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