Dressage NZ and Showing Jumping Training Show Results

Animal Stuff @ Abderry Abderry Equine Services

The weather has not been kind to Animal Stuff @ Abderry recently, so it was a relief to be able to hold the second-to-last show of the season! Animal Stuff @ Abderry dressage and show jumping shows are held weekly during daylight savings, at Abderry. They offer a fun and supportive environment in which to train or compete, and we provide a voucher to the winner of each class with 5 or more starters. Vouchers are redeemable at any of our 3 shops for a bag of horse feed manufactured by Takanini Feeds.

Click here to find out more about Animal Stuff @ Abderry twilight shows, visit Abderry’s website by clicking here, or find them on Facebook. Full results of the show on the 21st of March are available here.

Abderry’s photo album from the night is here!

Winners of each class on the 21st of March, regardless of entry numbers, were:

Class 1: Ange Matheson and Honey
Class 2: Sarah Reinhard and Pitch Perfect

Class 1 0.50m (CTT) Course A: Ange Matheson and Honey
Class 2 0.60m (CTT) Course B: Taleah Janson and Matakanui Goldrush
Class 3 0.70m Table AM3 (2 Phase) Course D: Madison Cutfield and Hololio Top Shelf
Class 4 0.80m (CTT) Course B: Tanya Grey and Ollie
Class 5 0.90m Table A2 (Speed) Course A: Taylah Beal and Sitara
Class 6 0.95m Table AM3 (2 Phase) Course C: Taylah Beal and Sitara
Class 7 1.00m Table A2 (Speed) Course A: Bridget Sullivan and Judicious
Class 8 1.05m Table AM3 (2 Phase) Course C: Bridget Sullivan and Judicious