Horse Feed Bag for Dressage and Show Jumping Training Show Result

Animal Stuff @ Abderry Abderry Equine Services

The final Animal Stuff @ Abderry twilight show for the season was held on Wednesday the 28th of March, as daylight savings finishes at the end of the week.

As we’ve come to expect, this was a great show at a fantastic venue which offers a relaxed and friendly environment in which to compete, in either dressage or show jumping – or both!

We sponsor the series by providing a voucher to the winner of each class with 5 or more starters. Vouchers are redeemable at any Animal Stuff shop for a bag of horse feed manufactured by Takanini Feeds.

Click here to find out more about Animal Stuff @ Abderry twilight shows, visit Abderry’s website to find out more about their services, facilities and other events by clicking here, or find them on Facebook. Full results from the show held on the 28th of March are available here.

Have a look at Abderry’s photo album from the night by clicking here.

Winners of each class on the 28th of March, regardless of starter numbers, were:

Class 1: Phillipa Robinson-Haynes and Hampton
Class 2: Emily Rose Ogilvie and Sir Galahad

Class 1 0.50m (CTT) Course A: Helen Udy and Quattro Catwalk
Class 2 0.60m (CTT) Course B: Louise Emshey and Piri
Class 3 0.70m Table AM3 (2 Phase) Course D: Faith Jepson and King of Spades
Class 4 0.80m (CTT) Course B: Tanya Grey and Ollie
Class 5 0.90m Table A2 (Speed) Course A: Olivia Martin and Abby
Class 6 0.95m Table AM3 (2 Phase) Course C: Laura Daly and Just William
Class 7 1.00m Table A2 (Speed) Course A: Kirsten Hence and Rabbi
Class 8 1.05m Table AM3 (2 Phase) Course C: Kirsten Hence and Rabbi