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Animal Stuff @ Abderry – 21 February 2018 Animal Stuff @ Abderry

The most recent Animal Stuff @ Abderry show was held on Wednesday the 21st of February. Animal Stuff @ Abderry twilight shows offer a fun and friendly atmosphere to compete in either dressage or show jumping – or both! Held weekly at Abderry on Wednesdays during daylight savings, we sponsor the series by way of providing a voucher for the winner of each class with five or more starters. Vouchers can be redeemed at any of our three retail outlets, each for a bag of horse feed manufactured by Takanini Feeds.

Click here to find out more about Animal Stuff @ Abderry. Visit Abderry’s website to find out more about their services, facilities and other events, or find them on Facebook.

Full results from the show on the 21st of February are here. Have a look at Abderry’s photo album from the night by clicking here.

Winners of each class on the 21st of February, regardless of entry numbers, were:

Class 1: Phillipa Robinson-Haynes and Hampton
Class 2: Saskea Greyling and Pintala Maximus

Class 1 0.50m CTT: Hannah Bulcraig and Nota Bene
Class 2 0.60m CTT: Karina Wallace and Maisie
Class 3 0.70m Table AM3 2 Phase: Sarah Vernon and Lottie
Class 4 0.80m CTT: Sarah Vernon and Lottie
Class 5 0.90m Table A2 (Speed): Brooke Raymond and Riviera Princess
Class 6 0.95m Table AM3 2 Phase:
Class 7 1.00m Table A2 (Speed): Brooke Raymond and Papa Smurf
Class 8 1.05m Table AM3 2 Phase: India Brown and Dream