Calf Club & Ag Day – Hints & Tips

Calf Club and Ag DaysIf this year will be your first Calf Club or Ag Day experience, or if you just want a reminder on how to prepare before your animal arrives, and what to expect when it does, check out our PDF versions of Neil’s Top 10 Tips for calf rearing, and Norma’s Notes – a three part guide to choosing, rearing and training a happy and healthy calf club animal. Your school will also have plenty of resources in reference to each of the animals they allow to compete at Calf Club or Ag Day, and if you’re worried about an animal’s health, don’t hesitate to contact your vet.

Neil’s Top 10

Neils Top 10

Norma’s Notes

Normas Notes Part 1
Normas Notes Part 2
Normas Notes Part 3

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