Kaimanawa Heritage HorsesKaimanawa Heritage Horses

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses is a volunteer-run charitable trust, dedicated to the care and welfare of both wild and domesticated Kaimanawa horses. Primarily funded through memberships and donations, they are advocates for the horses, and work closely with the Department of Conservation, and other groups, on the welfare and future of Kaimanawas in the wild. They search for suitable homes prior to each muster to enable placement of as many horses as possible and actively support their members and domesticated Kaimanawas through a welfare team, area reps, education and training, ribbon days and annual shows.

We’ve been happy to be able to support Kaimanawa Heritage Horses at their Ntional Annual Show since 2013, by being a sponsor of the event.

To learn more about Kaimanawa horses, the Trust, and even how you can help, click here to visit their website, or find them on Facebook.